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Eurincasso s.r.o. was estabilished in 1994 as an affiliated company of a leading Czech factoring company ČSOB Factoring, a.s., member of the ČSOB Group.

We offer to our clients out-of-court debt collection (contacting of the debtor, agreeing a payment calendar, controlling its fulfillment), legal collection (using the services of our lawyers in Czech courts) and the execution of payment orders through Czech private bailliffs.

For our services we charge only:

-         a flat fee for each case – 70,- EUR

-         10% success fee from collected amount

-         legal costs agreed in advance

On request we can e-mail our Mandate Agreement (with German and English translations) and after receiving the case copy (order, contract, invoices, shipping data, correspondence) we would prepare the Mandate Agreement for signing.

Through our partners Eurincasso GmbH. Salzburg we can arrange collection of debts worldwide.